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From time to time, I will update this blog about my designs and random knitting projects. Most of my patterns can be bought from my pattern home page,

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Test Knit

KnitPosted by Inge Sandholt Mon, June 27, 2011 17:27:55
I have been so terrible busy lately, leaving me with only little knitting time. I really needed a treat - so yesterday I signed up for a test knit of a lovely hat designed by Andrea Rangel. The design is of the type where my first reaction was "of course" - simple, elegant with the little detail that makes it special. I invited my knitting fiend, Jytte, over for a cup of tea, and we spent the evening power-knitting! I cannot keep pace with her in terms of knitting, but who cares when the company is good smiley

The hat calls for worsted weight yarn, and I found a perfect match of shades in my stash:

UPDATE: I finished the hat, it turned out very beautifully. Andrea Rangel is a gifted designer. I really enjoyed knitting the hat, I worked it more or less non stop. Here is a photo:

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