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Sock construction

KnitPosted by Inge Sandholt Tue, February 28, 2012 19:47:40
I have found out recently, that I am a sock knitter. Thinking about it, it is strange that it took me so long to realize. Right now I am experimenting with a new way to construct the foot of the sock. Or, new technique, not really. I got the inspiration in an old knitting book from 1945. The cuff is knit as on a usual cuff-down sock, but then the instep and upper foot is worked back and forth to the toe. The idea was, that the sole could easily be replaced when needed. It is a wonderful idea, that opens up for new ways to add pattern to socks. So far, I have finished the upper part of the foot, the challenges are only just starting! Again using Cascade Heritage Socks yarn - lovely - and reusing the circles from my first written pattern ever, Circle Mittens!

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