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From time to time, I will update this blog about my designs and random knitting projects. Most of my patterns can be bought from my pattern home page,

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Test Knit

KnitPosted by Inge Sandholt Mon, June 27, 2011 17:27:55
I have been so terrible busy lately, leaving me with only little knitting time. I really needed a treat - so yesterday I signed up for a test knit of a lovely hat designed by Andrea Rangel. The design is of the type where my first reaction was "of course" - simple, elegant with the little detail that makes it special. I invited my knitting fiend, Jytte, over for a cup of tea, and we spent the evening power-knitting! I cannot keep pace with her in terms of knitting, but who cares when the company is good smiley

The hat calls for worsted weight yarn, and I found a perfect match of shades in my stash:

UPDATE: I finished the hat, it turned out very beautifully. Andrea Rangel is a gifted designer. I really enjoyed knitting the hat, I worked it more or less non stop. Here is a photo:

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New pattern: Baby Romper

DesignsPosted by Inge Sandholt Sun, June 26, 2011 12:15:42
So, the Baby Romper has been test knit, pattern corrected and made available for purchase (buy now). I think it turned out really cute. It has been the most demanding design so far, it required a lot of estimations, in particular the grading. Still, it is a relatively straightforward knit. I haven't seen Edith (my favourite and soon to be 1 year old) baby model for a while, so I decided to publish the pattern without a real baby to model it. Will update the photos as soon as I get a chance.

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Beach Cusps Beanie

DesignsPosted by Inge Sandholt Mon, June 13, 2011 01:44:37
So I have finished a prototype of Beach Cusps Beanie - the second in my series of morphology hats.

It has been a lot of fun to work out the pattern. It is knit in a DK or light worsted type of yarn, and the pattern will include instructions for 6 sizes of the hat, from baby to men's. It is a close fitting hat, with a perfect fit, therefore the need for six sizes. The pattern has written instructions as well as charts. It should be suitable for an advanced beginner and it knits up quickly. Will send the hat in test knitting - hope to find volunteers for all sizes.

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Edith's sun suit

DesignsPosted by Inge Sandholt Tue, May 31, 2011 17:16:54
Here is a new sun suit for Edith. Couldn't resist the colours. I bought the yarn (100% Cotton) in Athens. Summer....
The pattern is ready for test knit soon. Only grading remains to be done.

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Strik 3 - First Assignment

Welcome!Posted by Inge Sandholt Thu, April 07, 2011 17:46:15
Last week we received our first assignment for the knitting course I am attending this spring: Make a head garment with cables or aran inspiration. Think shape. Have I been thinking! I have knitted many hats in my life, but never really paid too much attention to shaping. This time had to be different. So many beautiful hats, beanies, berets are out there, displaying the most wonderful cables and advanced pattern combinations. I thought I should go back to basics instead, so I defined my tasks: find a perfect fit and at the same time apply a simple cable pattern with decreases as an integrated part. After several swatches I found two that worked well. I ended up choosing the most simple, a lattice cable pattern, where I introduced "shrinking" along the way. I like the result, mission complete, a no nonsense hat! Tomorrow I will go shopping in my favourite shop, Handler, for a velvet band to attach to the crocheted edge.

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